How to Negotiate with Your Boss

Date on air: Wednesday, October 6, 1999
Business Tips today presents to you “How to Negotiate with Your Boss“. In the real business world, it is normal for you and your boss to have different points of view. Sometimes, you have to accept your boss’ s opinions that you may disagree. To compromise, you are advised to know the tactics to negotiate with your bosses.
First, learn to guess what is in your boss’s mind and prepare the answers for questions your boss may ask. Before talking to your boss, prepare yourself for discussion on only the significant issues.
Second, be prepared to negotiate. Review what is the real target you want to accomplish and try to disregard any unimportant matters. Never think that if you fail to accomplish every single target, you will refuse to take any action.
Third, know how to ask.  To find out the related matters concerning the topics you wish to present will help you find what you need to know. For instance, in a case that you wish to be promoted for higher rank currently vacant. If your boss replies to you that “I am not quite sure and let me think again”, you should ask him/her back if your boss is considering promoting anyone else for this post and when will be appropriate time for him/her to make decision. The question you ask will reveal what your boss is thinking and make you realize your future.
Fourth, never show your disagreement even though you really disagree. Learn to suppress your emotion and avoid saying “What you think is totally wrong”.  Just a direct say confidently and naturally that “I understand your idea and will try to find solution to your concerns”
Fifth, write instead of speaking. If you think that speaking will not work effectively, writing a memo is another good alternative to avoid confrontation. In a memo, there should be answers to your boss’s questions and concerns in detail. Never assume things to which you will commit. Memo should have certain reservations for further negotiation.
Today’s quiz is “What are keys in negotiating with your bosses?” The first five persons who fax us the right answers to 271-3029 will be awarded. Business Tips is the presentation of the Export- Import Bank of Thailand for Radio Thailand.
Source:  49th-editioned of City Life magazine
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